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What made you happy today?


Having Jam toast and chocolate milk for dinner.

Actually it made me happy yesterday. I got a severe backpain at work yesterday and by the time I reached home I was ready to pass out.

My husband comes home at 5:30pm. I was sleeping when the bell rang at 5:40pm. It took all my strength to not slouch before reaching the door. He came in planting a peck on my cheek and suddenly turned worried.

I went off to the bed again and got lost in the sleep. I next woke up directly at around 10:30 when I could smell bread getting toasted. My wonderful husband got me my dinner on the bed with a silly face and comment “i didn’t know what else to make.”

Emotionally it may be the most delicious meal I’ve ever had but rationally too it was a good tasty meal.

It made me very happy yesterday.♥️

2.Lessons from the royal wedding

3.The girl was, like her mother, pretty average looking (Mom Look a-like)

I was out shopping today and ran into a mother and her three children.

As I sat staring at a shelf full of stuff I probably shouldn’t be eating she came by with her three children, two girls one boy. There was nothing very unique about Mom, she looked to be late twenty’s or early thirties, of average looks, height, and build, and as she got closer she stopped about a couple feet away to compare something on the shelves to my right.

I glanced over at the family and my attention was caught by the youngest girl. The girl was, like her mother, pretty average looking. She was about 4 or 5 yrs old, a little blonde girl. She had a smudge on her face though and her hair was disheveled.

She looked almost like this

Looking at the other two older children and how neat they looked I surmised that this was the kid that mom would look back on years later and realize was the author of the crows feet under her eyes. This one was trouble. The Dad in me immediately recognized the precocious child.

In the next 10 seconds (and I swear it didn’t take any longer then that) my thoughts were justified.

(10 Seconds and counting)

The little girl started to slowly drift away from her mother and siblings towards one of the displays that had a brightly colored cardboard cutout over it. Under the cutout the display had different candies and some odd colored bottles full of some kind of pink substance.

(7 Seconds and counting )

The problem that I saw was the display was meant for the candy but not the bottles. It was thin and made of cardboard and it wouldn’t take much for all that to come tumbling down on the little girl that was moving towards it.

(5 Seconds and counting )

Now I am an old Infantry soldier and sometimes when my instincts kick in I can still evaluate, process, and react to danger pretty quick I glance at mom then at little girl and mom appears to be deep in thought about her purchase decision as her little girl is now heading full steam to the dangerous display just two feet away.

(4 Seconds and counting )

I tense ready to spring.

(3 Seconds and counting )

Little girl’s hand is inches from display

(1 Seconds and counting )

I spring into …….. oh wait never mind. Mom reaches out and swipes girl away from display gathering the child to her.

Little girl looks up at mom. “Humph”

Mom says, “Honey I told you not to touch anything without asking me first”. Older brother rolls his eyes, older sister just shakes her head looking bored.

The tiny terror has been thwarted again.

As they walk away I am now openly staring, astonished at this bit of motherhood. Mom passes, gives me a wink and says, “thanks anyway hun”.

I guess she was watching all along and I may need to reevaluate my powers of observation when compared to that of a mother.

What made me smile though was the impish grin on mom’s face when she said thanks to me. Now I know where her daughter got her mischievous streak from.

Mom Look a-like

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