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What happens when we exchange roles with animals?


Do pictures speak louder than words?

It could be very dark.

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Jack: Hi, John. I didn’t hit anyone today.

John: It’s such a disappointment, but look at me. I’ll come back with a full load.

Jack: Happy hunting!

I’m very full. I can’t eat any more. They say I have twenty days left. Don’t I have to eat these things in twenty days?

The order is good this month. After finishing this skin, I will go to the football match.

Johnny: Lucy, look, I hit it!

Lucy: Johnny, you are so awesome! Come on, let’s take a picture with it, and then I’ll share it with IHS’s couple album.

—Come on, come on, beat it. Don’t lose my money. I’ve bet three thousand yuan on it.

—What, $3000? My hero can’t lose. I bet $7000!

The quality of wool color was good this time. The batch was recorded and then tested in breeding.

  • Audience friends at the scene, audience friends at the scene! Look, our fighter turns around gently, and then easily avoids the impact of Monte Carlo! Let’s cheer for him!

In association with the recent outbreak in China(caused by the consumption of wild animals.), I doubt that this is a kind of revenge and punishment from nature.

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